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E3 Biofuels is a rapidly expanding producer of renewable fuels that are bolstering America's commitment to clean, renewable energy. We've taken considerable measures to create advanced biofuels as part of our continued efforts to reduce emissions. Through our endeavors, we are intending to transform the energy sector by providing a sustainable alternative to crude oil.


Who We Are

We are pioneering the development of sustainable ingredients to fulfill the needs of an expanding world. Through our Genesis Plant in Mead, Nebraska, which is fueled by methane from cattle manure, we're in the midst of a larger transition. We can collect low-carbon maize oil at lower energy costs thanks to this efficient utilization of animal manure, and service the fast-developing renewable diesel industry.

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Our unwavering commitment to environmental protection is backed by ecologically responsible refining and renewable fuel operations.

We've developed the world's first closed-loop ethanol manufacturing system, which converts corn into clean-burning ethanol for American motorists. Eventually, reducing our country's reliance on foreign energy.

Every day, we aim to extract greater value from fewer resources and to seize significant business opportunities while remaining environmental stewards. Our ground-breaking technology helps to reduce the usage of fossil fuels while also protecting our water from manure from cattle feedlots and dairy farms.

Our decisions are governed by sustainability, which is reflected in the way we manage our biorefineries to conserve energy and water. We create results that are sustainable while reducing our carbon footprint.

We are committed to having a positive influence on our employees, customers, and the environment. We will continue to proactively seek opportunities for improvement and fuel our expanding globe in a responsible manner.

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